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May 26, 2011
North Carolina
Hi everyone,

I have a quick question, my hens are laying great! But surprisingly out of my two EE hens I am getting about 3 to 4 eggs from two hens. The reason I know is because of the color. One or two are green the other two are blue. So I know its my EE hens.

What I want to know is, is it possible for a hen to lay 2 eggs a day? I mean Im not complaining or anything I just would like to know.

Thanks in advance!
It is extremely rare to get two eggs, I have had it happen twice so far and both times one was laid at approx. 6:00am and the other close to 10:00pm. I would suspect that you have two more EE's that look different. That's the thing about mixing breeds, as they are not one specific breed, they can look like almost anything.
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I have a hen who did this. She is the same type of chicken as yours. During her first year, she would sometimes lay 2 eggs. She would do it 2-3 times a week. The other days she would lay one egg. Now she is about 3 years old and lays "just" one egg per day.
I dont think so. None of my other hens look anything like EEs they dont have peacombs they arent multicolored teh yare all different breeds but they are full blooded breeds.

They could be doing what you described laying really early and laying late at night but Im not sure... Crazy chickens...
That sounds exactly like mine! She doesnt do it everyday. Heck maybe the EEs are trying to come up in the egg production popularity line!
If all of all of your other birds are pure breeds and it just happens occasionally then they may be laying twice in a day. (it is pretty rare in chickens though) My quail however, I'm finding will do it fairly often. They both laid at 10:00 last night and around 11:00am I found a nearly shell less egg in with them. I have gotten three eggs in a day from the two of them at least once a week since I got them.

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