Can U tell me how to sex buff orp. and balck giants??


12 Years
Jan 3, 2008
Newnan, Georgia
I am going to our local feed store tommorow and she has buff orpington and black giants from somone local . Is there an easy way to tell which ones are pullets??? Thay are about 4-5 days old. And also she will have Mallard ducks Is there any way I could figure out those so I could get a pair??? Thanks for any help!!!!
Id have to say vent sexing on the baby chicks is the only way at that age on those breeds, however by around 5-6 weeks in most cases you can tell the roo's by there comb. They generally are a bit larger and more in red color than the hens.

couldnt say on the ducks

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Last time I tried a surefire way of sexing day olds from an old wives tale I grew out 5 Roosters from 8 chicks.... Day olds are a toss up unless the bin says pullets

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