Can you have 2 hens with chicks in the same yard?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by goodguytx, Jun 9, 2011.

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    May 11, 2008
    I've got one broody hen setting on a half dozen eggs in her own pen separate from the rest of the flock. Plus I have another 10 or so eggs in the incubator. All eggs were started at the same time. Of course now another hen has gone broody and been setting on air for a couple of weeks. I could probably let the second broody hatch out the incubator eggs when I get to day 18. Question is: Am I going to have to keep the hens and their chicks separated? I only have 7 hens, and don't have more than one extra pen. I'm guessing there wil be problems with two hens/babies together?
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    May 26, 2011
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    hi Im glad you have put this post up as I'm going to have the same problem i have a duck sitting they should hatch next weekend and a hen sitting that should hatch the weekend after there both in the same shed sitting at the min.
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    Hi GG: Two things. If it were me and I had a extra broody hen I would not wait until day 18. I would put them under her NOW. I have found over the years with my Guineas that my best hatcher is a Silkie. Any other hen that has gone broody will work. I just happen to have a Silkie that LIVES to hatch eggs.

    Unless there is great size difference you will have no trouble putting the chicks and hens in the same run and house. Just don't let a rooster get near them for (my opinion) at least 16 weeks then be prepared to keep a eye on things if you think you must put a Roo with them but hens together very seldom cause problems.

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    I've had two hens hatch at the same time and wander about together with their chicks without a problem.
  5. NewToFarming

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    I think it all depends on your girls personalities. I would give it a try and just watch and see how things go. I had 3 hens brood together and they all raised the chicks together. A silkie, a silkie/fav mix and an NN. Also, if you have a rooster, it depends on the rooster. My boys do very well with chicks and a few help to take care of them also. I have one crazy boy that helps the broody lay on the eggs with them. LOL I have the 3 broodies and their chicks are now 7 weeks old, a leghorn broody with 2 week old chicks and a new silkie mom with 7 day olds. Just hatched yesterday. I think they learn to stay away from the new mommas, especially with very new chicks. Those girls can be quite fierce! LOL
    Also, I would put the incubator eggs under your other broody now too. They do the job so much better and you will most likely have a better hatch rate! [​IMG]
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    Mar 26, 2016
    I'm so glad that I found this thread!!! I have a silkie hen w/ 2 chicks and a EE bantam hen that has 1 egg hatched and 1 still to go. I was contemplating whether I could put both hens into the same nursery pen to raise the chicks. The silkies' chicks are 5-7 days of age and obviously the other hens are much newer. According to what I read above I should give it a whirl and see what happens and it "should" be ok?

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