can you help ID this beauty?


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9 Years
May 14, 2010
eastern Pennsylvania
Meet Sparkle. She came to us in early May (from Privett Hatchery, via a local feed store) as a 1-day-old buff orpington, which she is clearly not! Instead, she has prominent tufts on her face, an almost-non-existent comb, darker brown neck & head feathers, a speckled face, a chestnut body, yellow legs, and a very jaunty tail accented with black. She is less stocky than our other hens, and a bit hyper but very sweet. Thanks in advance for helping to solve the mystery!


Cool! Looked at some images of Russian Orloffs & tend to agree with you. Now we feel she is even more special :) (by the way, we almost named her Spangle)
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