Can you help me figure out what kind of bantams theses are?


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5 Years
Jul 1, 2014

RubyRooo! is this little red thing...he's quite a bit bigger than the other 2

Eva--she crows with a major crackle, but clearly has all of the behaviors of a hen, and won't eat unless her partner, Adama, provides it...rarely will she eat from my hand...

Adama....he loves to try to mount my big hens...He is the smartest and most elegant dancer and bird I have ever had...he's a tiny little thing....

RubyRuby Rooo!
That looks you think his little hen is also a Japanese Bantam, even though their feathers are different?
I've been looking at pics of 'cochin bantums", and he has the same cute little mug...thanks for the he what would be referred to as a "smooth red cochin bantum"?

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