can you help me ID my fruit trees? very pic heavy


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Quote:But I wanted to say; Henny, what your discribing is NOT poison ivy. I think your confused with Virginia Creeper, which many people mistake for poison ivy. Poison ivy prefers the ground and grows shoots that basically crawls underground.. think strawberries kind of.

Anyway, here is what Virginia Creeper looks like;[email protected]/534618394

Hi Amos,

Thanks for the info! Nope, wasnt VA Creeper, I have that all over the yard so I know what it looks like. The "grapevine" thing with berries is some kind of poison something or another, just not sure what exactly - still trying to find it. Its some kind of ivy though, but we broke out in a rash and blisters from it.

From now on, I'm just using the old saying "If it has 3, let it be" and "Avoid 5, stay alive"
If I didnt plant it... I'm avoiding it! LOL Then, of course, there is poison sumac - which has 7-10 leaves...a whole different ball game there

Why oh why is there poisonous itchy plants? Sort of like ticks..what purpose do they serve?
None that I can think of...

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