Can you help me identify my bantams?


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Jun 4, 2009
Both of these bantams are around 10 wks old. One is speckled with featherless legs, the other is white with feathered legs. I thought they were both pullets, but now not so sure. Can anyone help me out?

Pic #1 - I don't know the breed of this one, do you? The red waddles make me nervous, but I think it is a pullet?

Pic #2 - A closeup of the comb of pic #1

Pic #3 - I think this is a white cochin, but now I'm afraid it might be a roo?
A splash wyandotte pullet?.. actually it could be a cockerel... But i get the feeling it's a pullet.

And yeah, looks like a white cochin cockerel.
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Splash Wyandotte cockerel. White cochin pullet <--- I say this because I have 3 and my non broody looks exactly like that
. I could be wrong though so still watch out for some crowing... OH and what hatchery did they come from?
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They came from TSC straight run
I really thought these were both pullets, but thats what I get for getting them straight run at TSC. I am very happy to know the breed of the splash wyandotte, thanks. The gender of both birds has me stumped but that rose comb makes it even harder.

I would love to see pics of male/female bantam wyandottes and cochins around the same age as mine (10 wks) if anyone has any.
I'm still not sure what to think about the sex of either one, since there seems to be opposite opinions so far.

But thanks to all who take a look, I appreciate it.
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Wolf Queen, did your cochin hen have a comb that big and red at this age? I really hope you're right about my little cochin, I want it to be a pullet so bad. And could anyone tell me how you're determining the gender of my wyandotte, is it something about the comb? I don't know much about rose combs.

I have a d'uccle cockerel the same age as these two, he was raised with them, and he just started to crow (at least he tries, it's cute). But no crowing out of these two so far. I'm still hoping for the snowball's chance in hades that they are both pullets
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My TSC bantam white cochin that looks pretty much like yours just crowed for the first time today.

He is 8 or 9 weeks old now.

We knew he was probably a roo - the chest bumping and the attitude of I'm the Dude with the bantam pullets was too obvious. But we did hope against hope that he'd be the strong, silent type.

We have friends who have a farm who would take him, but they eat all roos there - I'd hate to see our gentle, pretty little Snowy end up in the soup. But as we live in town, and roosters are not welcome here, I'm not sure what else to do with him.

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amamaofmany, have you tried offering your cochin here on BYC on the sell/trade forum? Maybe someone in your area will see it and want him for breeding purposes. I know you hate the thought of someone eating him. I'm sorry for your dilemma, it's tough to raise them and then be forced to get rid of them. I won't even give mine a name unless I know I'm keeping them but named or not, I care what happens to them. Good luck with your situation, I hope you can find a better solution for your little roo.

I just had to give away the white cochin in the pic above today. Turned out he is a roo, just like most everyone said. He hasn't crowed, but yesterday the fights between him and my d'uccle roo became constant and today it got bloody. I doubted they could do much damage since they don't have spurs yet, but I was wrong. I didn't realize they would go at it like that at only 12 wks old! And they were raised together. I only need one rooster and I'm partial to the d'uccle, so I found the cochin a home with a family who raises chickens. They say they don't intend to eat him at this point, and I hope they won't ever. I am very fortunate to have found him a home so quick, not many people want roosters.

And I'm thinking more and more that the rose comb wyandotte in the pics above really is a pullet, just as most of you said. It would completely avoid the fights between the two roos and run away. Isn't that a hen-like behavior? I do hope she's a she because I don't want to go through this fighting roos thing again.
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