Can you help me? Pic heavy!


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May 3, 2011
I have three or four I am suspicious about. These chicks are five to six weeks old.

The sign said Ameracuna (sp?). Behavior, a bit of a bully. I wish I was wrong, but I am pretty sure he is a roo. Would have made such a pretty hen!

RIR, short tail - beginning to have a few curling feathers. Very bold.

Another Ameracuna. This one keeps me guessing...


Now to the What Am I?

These were marked "Black Giant", but I don't think they are.... starting in the lower left corner, every other bird - the three black ones (w/red). Black sex-link?


I think these are Partridge Plymouth Rock, but I can't remember! They are certainly pretty! (Not the guy running through the back!)

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One more question.... well, that may be a lie, but anyway.... On the black sex-links - that means they are definitely pullets, right?
Black Giants are usually refered to the Black Jersey giants, the largest of them all...But in your case it is a black star, or black sex link. Which is bred for extreme egg laying, and very docile temperment. I have the Red stars, or golden comets...Lovely birds.
They are very sweet and gentle. I really like them. The Giants weren't something I was particularly looking for, just a slim selection at the local feed store.
In your last picture with the BSL I can't really see the ones on the top too well but I do not believe the one in the bottom left (7oclock position) is a BSL . What color are their legs My black sex links have black legs? do you have a better picture of them? I can't really see their heads well at all. Thats the only way I know how to tell the gender most of the time, so Im not sure whats making posters say female or BSL either, No offence meant. The chick in the 11 oclock position does appear to be a pullet from the little bit of comb I can see. Also I was just reading that Jersey Giants have black legs with yellow under the feet? Edited to say also that I just looked up Black Jersey Giants and one poster said that she had cockeral that had gold lacing on the hackles? Hers came from Sandhill preservation I believe so you might have Giants???
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