Can you show "splash" chickens?

Splash cochins are accepted, most breeds that are accepted in black and blue colors are also accepted in splash (most).
For those not accepted, they can still be shown. They are placed in a Other section, but still judged on feather and stucture to the standard of the breed.

It wouldn't be considered a cross breed unless the bird actually was a cross. It would just be a color variety that is not recognized.

Is splash recognized in the ABA for cochins? I know that splash rosecombs are not recognized by the APA, but are in the ABA so I am able to show them. Might be the same with cochins.

Urban Coyote
You would have to ask someone with the Standard of Perfection to look it up for you. If it is not an accepted color you can show it in the AOV (all other varieties) Class.

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