can you tell what color a chick will grow up to be by hatching color?


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Sep 6, 2009
I know who the mums are, and the dad. just curious if sometimes color patterns on chicks are indication of their adult color. will the blue grow up to be a blue ?? will the black grow up black? the yellows to be buff, the patterns to be partridge or other patterned color?



Not exactly

is the best answer I can give you. lol

These Chicks (black sexlinked):

Grew into this (excluding the Buff Orp on the top right):

Yellow chicks grow up white, buff chicks stay about the same, RIR chicks start out tanish red, get whiteish around their head as they grow, and end up solid red....
hmmm, wonder if my yellow go white.

dad is a white based ee roo. with brown and green highlights.
moms are buff orpington/white leghorn
Then your chicks should turn out to look a lot like dad, if not rather splashy looking with white and buff coloring.

As for the question - Yes, most chicks can be identified when young as to what color they will turn out. There are far too many colors for me to list, but it is easy if you know them.
The chicks in your photo will be of partridge-type coloring, buff/splash/white coloring, black, and a couple others are in between.
Chick down indicates the genes, which in turn determine the plumage colour and patterns. Problem is that there are many similar sets of chick down that do not grow up hte same, plus various additional genes modify or hide some of the genes present when it comes to adult plumage.
do you think the blue one will be a blue adult.
the mom is blue.
Yes, but that does not mean the quality of the blue or lacing will be the same, or that other colours won't enter the mix--all that also depends on the genes papa contributes.
Yellow chicks will NOT necessarily grow up to be white adults. They could be white, or buff, or wheaten, or even mille fleur, or probably something else I'm not thinking of. There's a lot of possibilities!

Looking at chick down colors will help you narrow down the possibilities for adult feather colors and patterns, but it will NOT tell you the exact results. You can narrow down the possibilities even further by looking at the parents, but only time will show you for sure.
Any one know what you'll get if you cross a Lemon Cuckoo Maran Rooster with a Rhode Island Red Hen? One Chick just hatched its black with a blonde stop on the crown and a dark brown breast... Still in down tho... Also what about a Brown Leghorn Hen and a Lemon Cuckoo Maran Rooster??? JTLYK he is black and white barred on bottom (like a barred rock) and dark (like a golden cuckoo maran) on top. Iv'e seen some google results showing full buff lemons so i'm still not sure what the difference is...

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