Can you use Flubenvet and Verm X at the same time?

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  1. Suspect one of my ex-batt hens has a heavy infestation, I will do a course of Flubenvet but I also own Verm X which I put in water once a month, I guess kinda like a preventative. However, If I cannot guarentee the hen has eaten some feed with the Flubenvet on, could I syringe some Verm X as a tonic?
    Any ideas welcome!
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    Use the Flubenvet, it'll get the worms for sure. Verm X is useless as a wormer, as evidenced by you putting it in her water monthly. It prevents nothing, only money out of your wallet. But you can use it if you wish. Good luck.
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  3. Well I started the Flub tonight, see how that goes.
    The sickly hen now seems absolutely fine, weird?!?!
    Has anyone experienced this, a hen shows obvious signs of being not 100% but then seems fine?
    It confuses me [​IMG]

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