Canadians, what is the best dewormer I can buy for my hens?


12 Years
Dec 28, 2007
SW Ont, Canada
I have ivermec here, but my hens do not have lice or mites. What would be the best that I could buy at my feed store or TSC? I am suspecting parasites, as there combs are pale.
You could use pumpkin seeds
"pumpkin seeds contain natural enzymes that flush their bodys of parasites".
I use Ivermec Cattle Drench, 1/2 ml per standard chicken...

Seems to work fine

It comes in a huge bottle though, but at least I have it. Not terribly expensive either.

Oh shoot, eta: I also bought a while ago from our local co-op a bag of water soluable wormer for horses, cattle, chickens, etc. I haven't used it yet, so I can't attest to its effectiveness, but just letting you know it exists. I can get the name for you in the morning if you like.
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I use ivermectin paste wormer for horses, about a large-grain-of-rice sized dab per chicken. The couple times I've wormed the chickens, I just steal a little bit out of the end of the tube before worming the horses, then use that tube on the smallest horse

Good luck, have fun,


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