Candled for the first time, day 7-8... I saw moving babies!


13 Years
Apr 27, 2009
near Lake Charles, LA

It was so exciting! I wish my kids hadn't been in bed already, I will redo on day 10 so they can see. The only eggs I certainly saw movement in were 4 of 6 locally purchased RIR, I saw life signs in some of my shipped eggs but they didn't seem to be as advanced or easy to see than the RIR?

Some of my eggs looked half dark, mostly on one side, more like the later pictures of candling, with a very clear air pocket, but it was hard to make out veining or an embryo, does that sound like they are okay? Looking at all the candling sites (esp. Mink Hollow) it seems that veins were more obvious, perhaps I need to try with a stronger light next time.

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