Candling and Incubating?

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12 Years
Sep 14, 2007
Modesto Ca

I have a broody hen. She has been mated with by a wild rooster more than 3 times. So, today, I was looking for her. She was under the coop with 2 eggs. one egg was kinda cold, the other warm, since it still had "Bloom" on it. So I was wondering how you tell if the eggs are fertile? She wouldnt get off the eggs, so I picked her up and took them. YEs she bit me. If they are fertile I will need a bator for them to hatch. Can you give me directions on how to make a homemade bator WITHOUT USING ANY TYPE OF ELECTRICITY? I HAVE TO GET A THERMOMETER. nO ELECTRICITY, CAUSE MY PARENT DONT WANT THE ELECTRICITY BILL TO SKY ROCKET(OUR BILL IS ALREADY $300, THEY DONT NEED MORE. SO please help me out.

Hi, I would suggest you fix her a nice place where she is confined and let her brood the eggs. She could lay more. But as for an incubator w/o electricity - the hen is it!
Thats kinda mean to do. I'd feel bad. I kinda ruined the place she nests, so i gues sshe wont lay there.
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