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    Ok, I'm a first time hatcher [​IMG] My question is can the chicks develop at different rates even if they were all put in the 'bator at the same time? Here are the specs: I have 13 Silkie eggs and 10 Standard Salmon Faverolles in my circulated air hovabator. Temp 99.6 Hum 40% - day 6 - there are obvious embryos in the silkie eggs some seem to be further along then others - a few are moving all around, only one does not have a visible embryo/veining - the egg is clear. However only two of the Faverolle eggs have an obvious embryo. It's hard to see much in the other 8 - no obvious embryo but not clear, no blood ring. Should I toss them or give them more time. I've never done this before, so opinions/advice please... Thanks!
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    Different sized eggs do develop at different times. Like your bantams are gonna hatch when its time to turn the turner off for your standard sized eggs. ALSO, depending on what kind of incubator you have, the eggs nearer to the heat source will be a day or so ahead of the ones further away from the heat source. I always rotate trays when I candle. Now since I cannot see your eggs, I cannot tell you whether to toss or keep, that's up to you. I personally DO NOT toss if the egg is questionable, but I do if it's clear past 5 days.
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    Definitely don't toss them yet. There is a good chance that there are embryos developing in there and you just aren't able to see them clearly. Unless they start to stink, I don't toss any until I take them out of the turner on day 18. That way I know that I haven't made a mistake (though, it's hard to make a mistake on clears - they're pretty obvious!)

    I suggest you candle again at 10 days. By then you will probably be able to identify what you are seeing much better.

    Good luck to you!!! [​IMG]
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    While in the egg, I think they do develop at different rates. From everything I have heard on here, they advise not throwing them out until at least day 10-14. If they are noticeably clear, I don't think it would hurt to throw out any that have an obvious blood ring, but with me, always being the optimist, I left mine until the very last day, and some even several days after the last one hatched, hoping they may be slower growing than the rest. They weren't, of course, but it would have broken my heart to think I threw out a developing chick that was just slower to develop.
    When I candled, it I was the least bit unsure, I put a question mark on the shell in pencil, and if it still looked clear after I candled on day 11or 12, then I threw them out. If it was obvious there was a chick in there, I put a big check mark on that shell so I could keep up with which ones were which. Hope that helps.

    FYI: When they start hatching, I was like a kid on Christmas day running to the bator to see what santa left for me..... [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the help. None of the eggs smell or are weeping. I found some pictures on the net of what mine look like. My DH is out of town with the camera. Only two are clear. Pretty much all the eggs of the same breed are the same. The silkies seem to be ahead of the faverolles by a couple days? Is that possible? I didn't know about rotating them around the 'bator. The eggs have been in the same place in the bator since I set them. I will move them around. I did mark some with a ?. I can see the embryos moving and twitching in all but one - it's like watching an ultrasound for the first time of your baby! Thanks again for the help.

    what silkie eggs look like:


    what faverolle eggs look like:


    again, these are not my pics
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    I have no advice for you, but just wanted to wish you the best of luck! I have a hen sitting on eggs for the 1st time and I am a wreck.... [​IMG]
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    I would keep them. I had several with question marks that turned out to be fertile and visible around day 10. Sometimes the pigment of the shell (even if it appears light) makes it hard to tell what's happening. And you might have "shy" embryos.
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    Just wait until you candle on day ten, Chick!!!! The movement is fascinating!!! You can really see the little buggers and they tend to do a lot of squirming!!! Then when you candle later (for me it's usually day 15 or so), they are getting much bigger and you can sometimes make out actual body parts!!!!
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    Quote:wait? [​IMG] easier said then done!
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    I hear ya! If I had my way, I'd candle every day, and it wouldn't take 21 days for the little fluffers to develop!!!! I guess I'm not very patient??? [​IMG]

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