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Aug 17, 2009
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I am having trouble candling and need someone to spell it out for me.

I was able to see inside of one egg and it looked clear with bubbles and it is day 15.

does that mean that egg is NOT fertile?

Also.... in another egg, I was able to see an air sack at the end of the egg and a shadow that covered the entire egg. IS THAT THE CHICK?

and one more Q....

How do you see inside the green eggs or the brown eggs..... I have a strong flood light and lamp stand... with a coffee can and a hole in the lid.....

Please tell me how to do this. I do not want any empty eggs taking up the space of the small incubator when I have fertile eggs waiting to be loaded.
There are some great web sites that explain this very well. It does take some practice and a good light. Darker eggs are very tough and my be impossible to see. Those I believe you can weigh and check for changes. Though I only have experience candleing and have never seen movement as some have, even though they had chicks.
I only breed brown egg layers and they are hard to candle.
air bubbles sounds bad to me. I had trouble seeing in my darker eggs also. Try a strong flashlight. I made a candler with a box and a 100 watt light bulb, with a small hole and couldnt see anything. I use a bicycle light(very strong flashight) and it works much better.
What I like to say is MORE LUMENS! Might click on the sticky on candling too if you haven't already. Dark brown and green can be a challenge.

As for a staggered hatch, might want to reconsider if you only have one bator, since hatching eggs increases humidity and leaves behind afterbirth junk that bacteria can find and grow on. I prefer an all in all out approach.
ok.... so if I am able to see an air sack....... then it is probably fertile.... correct? Brown eggs and GREEN eggs are challenging

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