Candling Woes!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ContessaKris, Jul 17, 2011.

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    Jun 28, 2011
    Grandview (SKC), MO
    Okay, I know we don't need to be candling yet (we're 76 hours in, on incubation) but we couldn't help ourselves! We read through all of the candling 101 in the learning center and kind of knew what we were looking for (tiny black dot probably and spider veins.)

    We did not find ONE like that, in all of the 10 eggs. Several had lots of lighter areas, like the speckled example in the candling page. Some had tiny bits of speckling but it might be normal.

    We only found one with virtually no speckling.

    Now everyone is depressed. I explained that it might be because its only 3+ days, and the fact that most of the eggs are a light brown.

    But I can't help feeling a bit like they do. Especially since I've done everything I'm supposed to. Temps and humidities have been good.

    I'm just taking the positive route and saying they might all be fine and we won't candle again until next Sunday (10th day.)

    Can some speckling be okay? Just lie to me and say yes, so I can make it until Sunday. [​IMG]
  2. yinepu

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    ok.. leave the eggs alone til day 7 at least.. if you candle them too much it can cause the embryo to die.. I have seen so many people candle every day then wonder why the chicks died early on... every time they shine that light in there it stresses the embryo.. so take a deep breath.. fix yourself a nice cup of tea and sit on your hands until day 7

    Lol.. you really cant tell much before that in brown eggs without causing yourself and those little guys a lot of stress

    I'm sure they will be fine.. so no worries..ok?
  3. Schultz

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    Aug 5, 2008
    We wait until day 7-10 to candle if we choose to do so. We candled early on in our attempts at incubation but stopped a long time ago, just our way of doing things really. I would not candle often so the embryos aren't disturbed and I would at least wait til day 7-10.
  4. Islandmom511

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    Jul 8, 2011
    Quote:Keep your chin up...I candled on day 4 and saw NOTHING and felt similar to you....candled again on day 6 and VEINS! Wait 2 days and try again
  5. Fleezie

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    Jul 13, 2011
    I have always candled every other day. I politley disagree that it stresses them as it is something that has happened since they have first been aware. It was the same thing with my son, we had to do ultra-sound sometimes twice a month for his and my safety. You would be suprised, you can candle in the morning and there is nothing and think that you've lost the whole batch and then candle in the envening and there you go! I would wait a day or two as was reccomended though as it would save a lot of heart ache and worrying.
  6. poseygrace

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    Apr 29, 2011
    I candled tonight for the first time at 7 days and it was great, we could really see the peep in there. Unfortunately my sweet niece dropped an egg we were candling and cried for hours, because we could see the little embryo forming inside. I think 76 hours is still really early, try again around day 7!
  7. yinepu

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    Quote:Well.. let me put it this way then.. the VAST MAJORITY of the posts i have seen where people are candling every single day USUALLY results in the death of the chick(s).. your mileage may vary
    an Avian Vet I spoke to informed me that the act of candling eggs stresses the embryo (which is one reason the chick bounces or dances around on the egg when it's hit with the light)..
    She also mentioned "thermal stress" when the person doing the candling uses something other than an LED light (yes I have seen where people use heat lamps or other hot bulbs for candling eggs) where the embryo is exposed to temperature extremes while the person doing the candling has to watch the embryo "dance".. she also mentioned the likely hood of the egg being shaken, dropped, handled by unclean hands (bacteria laden) or other mishaps while being candled.. so I have to agree with her that the less the eggs are handled (and candled) the better for the health and well being of the embryo..
    So it pretty much comes down to personal preference.. I would prefer to candle and handle less and have high hatch rates than to take a chance of something bad happening while I satisfy my curiosity of watching the embryo move about. Other people may prefer to candle every single day .. and that is their choice.. either way I believe that they should understand that there are certain risks that go along with removing the eggs from the incubator and handling them like that every day
  8. Fleezie

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    Jul 13, 2011
    I can understand where you're coming from but I will always candle as the one time that I didn't during lockdown was when I had a rotten egg that wiped out the rest of them. I always use a led light, wouldn't use any other kind. The way that I see it is nearly everything that I studied as far as incubation goes is everything that has gone wrong with my incubation. I have done a lot of heart-ache learning and have found what works for me. The vet that talked to you gave you her best guess as they move that way wether or not you are shining a light on them. It is because they do not have the ability to control thier motion yet. Just as a baby will move the same way in the womb because that brain connection has not yet been made. it happens to every single living thing when it is first forming connections. I am not trying to change your mind, This is just what I have learned throughthe years and others may see it another way due to thier past experiences. I believe that when someone is learning that they need more than one perspective in order to challenge themselves and learn confidently, taking in the knowledge that they have gained. Yes, I agree that it is a personal preferance.
  9. Christie Rhae

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    Jul 5, 2010
    Big Island, Hawaii
    I just finished my first hatch. 14 eggs I saw veins early on... in the end...only one hatched.
    I knew the rule was to candle on day 7, day 14 and then on day 18 when going into lockdown.
    I candled on day 3... and between day 3 and day 18 I probably candled 8 more times. I will never do that again. I have no idea if that is why I had so many early quitters but I will not risk them again like that. I knew I was not supposed to handle them that much but thought "how big a deal can it be? I am careful!". I am sticking to the book on my next hatch (one week in so far) I wash my hands and use antibacti solution before I touch the eggs now. I had read that before but thought "how big of a deal could it be?".
    Well let me tell you... it is a real bummer to stare at dead eggs in the incubator, imagining you see movement... hoping every morning to see at least one more chick hatch.
    I am not taking any risks...following every rule I have read... just gotta have a better hatch this time.

    So coming from someone who just two hours ago threw away a bunch of eggs... don't touch them.

    Wow I am sorry if I sound like a downer... just a little down. But very grateful we got our one sweet lil chick. It is going to be spoiled rotten. This little sweetheart makes it all worth while. This is a wheaten ameraucana chick. The kids have decided that if it is a boy it will be Balto and if it is a girl it will be Starwish. lol kids...

  10. Fleezie

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    Jul 13, 2011
    What a cutie! I'm sorry that you didn't get the hatch that you had hoped for. Altough, I think that little one sure is happy you helped bring it into the world! [​IMG]

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