Jul 12, 2017
Not sure how to post this one: so of the 14 eggs my hen has been sitting on, one hatched. I found some broken eggs outside the nest and thought one or more of my other hens was laying eggs on the shelf above that were rolling off and breaking. I’ve found 3. The 1 chick hatched Saturday. The rest have done nothing and mama is no longer sitting much on the eggs. I found only 10 eggs left in the nest. (I’m sure there was 14 as I had to relocate them.) So, I suspect the three broken eggs I found were bad eggs she ejected. I was going to remove the rest of the eggs since they are doing nothing but wanted to check them first. 1 tapped back when I tapped on the shell. I put it back in the nest. The rest are silent, so I tried candling them with a very bright flashlight. (I checked two fresh eggs to make sure I was doing it right and could see through them.) The 9 in question are completely black. No visible air pocket, nothing. One reeks but has goo from an earlier broken egg on it.

The eggs were laid with the broody hen over about 4 or 5 days and It’s been about 29 days from first laid.

Am I correct in deeming the 9 dead eggs?

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