Canners - Pictures from the Bloomsburg (PA) Fair


11 Years
Jan 16, 2009
Central PA
I took these pictures from my cell phone so I don't know how they'll look online. Sorry if they aren't too good! I thought all you canners would like to see all the jars!




Oh wow... I wish I could put my jams into a state fair... state fair is going on here right now... too late

Nice pics though! Was yours there?
Scoop, I wonder how many of us from BYC were at the Bloomsburg Fair?

I think we should all get a T-shirt with BYC on it and then we could meet each other. I must have taken 30 - 40 pics of the chickens. I'm going to try and put some on here.

vfem, Bloomsburg isn't a state fair it's hard to believe but it's not.
Vfem I never knew how to enter until recently. So maybe next year my daughter and I will enter some things in different catagories.

ginbart - I would love to see your pictures of the chickens. I only took like 3 and they are not very good. I have to ask, did you see the Dominiques?...
Scoop, yes I did see them. I think I will try and put my pics on photebucket and then everyone can see them. I have dial up and it takes forever. But I will try.
Very nice!!! I would be so awed to look at all that great canning!! I spent HOURS and more HOURS this weekend canning muscadine jam, ended up with about 10 pint jars and 3 half pint jars full. It takes just like the welch's grape jam with a bit of a tang but my fingertips are stained purple and it is the most labor intensive canning project I do. Have to pop them open and cook the hulls in one pot and the "guts" in another, both with sugar, for quite along time, then the seeds, of which there are at leat two million!!, have to be strained out of the guts part (forget trying to fins them in the hulls part, just have to leave those!!, then mix them, add pectin and cook some more then can. Really set up nice those in a few days but I had to use 3 boxes of pectin this year, 4 last year (more grapes) so hopefully it will come out as nice. It is so much trouble I cam a bit more picky about who I give it to as a gift, lol!
What did you think of those Dominiques? I personally was horrified. And a blue ribbon! I'm sorry, but that was just terrible to even put them in a show. I'll never put mine in after seeing some of them. I seriously would be afraid my whole flock might catch something. I know what you mean about dial up. That's what I have and it's soooooo sloooooowwww.

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