9 Years
Nov 27, 2010
Hey Everyone,
I went into my chicken coop this afternoon, the clean it out. I was noticing the white chicken hasn't gone outside for a couple of days. I noticed that she had been bleeding, So i washed her off and hoped it would get better. Then i "shooed" her outside, the black chicken started pecking at her cuts and wounds...making them bleed again! I was so horrified. I'm pretty sure its NOT NORMAL! WHAT SHOULD I DO! I'm hoping it won't get infected, because i can't go to a vet around my house. Chickens are illegal...unless u have the right amount of land. Which i don't. I'm really scared please help me.

Keep it away from the other chickens and allow her to heal up, also try some blue dye on the wounds i hear say this may also work.
Chickens see blood and go for it. The stuff you want is called Blu-kote it is applied over the wound to cover and seal it. The color keeps the others from seeing the blood. Still with only a few chickens it might be a good thing to give her a day or two apart. If there is no blood showing when you put her back and she still gets picked on try separating the picker for a few days to a week.
Get some Pick-No-More it's a lotion used to control poultry cannibalism,
Here's the link to Pick-No-More (Click Here) it runs 12.00 and works better than Blue-Kote.

Also, pine tar that you get at an animal feed store works well too, it has antibacterial properties and helps with healing and the chicks don't seem to peck when you smear some of that on the one they are pecking at. I have 4 or 5 of my Ameraucana pullets doing the pull feathers out and peck at one another, so I started to use that each night before they went into their carrier. Soon as I could I got them their own 6ft by 8ft space with my big chickens and out they went, they were much happier to be out, moving about and scratching.
Just out of curiousity, what are you feeding ? I used to feed Purina chick starter, when they switched to a all plant protien based formula several years back started having picking problems. Have switched to a animal/meat protien based feed, no longer a problem.

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