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We have canned beef and venison in the past with great results. The wife says that rather than using up freezer space for all the meat birds this year, that we are going to can the chicken. The plan was to dress out just what we can handle in each batch, probably 6-8 birds. Boil them in a big pot until they're falling off the bone, and at which time we'd "hot pack" the meat, minus the skin, in jars using the cooking broth to cover, and pressure cook it to seal.

I was wondering if anyone had also done this process of canning their meat birds?
I have canned store bought boneless skinless chicken breasts and it was really good. I just cut it into 1" slices and put it raw in the hot pint jar, sprinkled on some salt, topped off with hot chicken broth leaving 1" headspace, wipe the rim with vinegar to get rid of any fat on the rim and pressure canned it. We love the convenience of having it sitting on the shelf ready to eat like that.

I would like to try just skinning the chicken pieces and canning it with the bone in. I bought some chicken legs to give it a try, just haven't made time to do it yet.
Well it certainly sounds as though canned chicken is a hit, and at the same time not using up all the freezer space.

I know I did mention in my process that we'd boil the chicken in a pot of water, reserving the water to add to the jar. I suppose to this cooking water one could add whatever spices one would want to add.

Now here's another thought I was pondering. My son always deep fry's a turkey at Thanksgiving which turns out great. How would it be to deep fry a chicken, and then pull the meat off the bone for canning? I believe the turkey he deep fry's for 3 minutes per pound. So on a 5# dressed bird, that's like 15 minutes. It seems the oil imparts a nice flavor to the turkey, which I think it would do the same to a chicken.

Has anyone experimented with deep frying a chicken?
Funny you mention that. I've not tried it, but I've been thinking how cool it would be to deep fry the little Cornish Game hen size birds. If you can do a turkey, I don't see why you couldn't do a smaller chicken. My only concern with canning the meat would be if somehow the oil got released during the pressure canning phase and caused seal failure. Not sure if that's a concern or not?
I put the question to my wife who's the family expert in all things canning and pressure cooking. Her answer was that it is possible, but if the jar is clean where the glass meets the seal and the lid is tightened down, it shouldn't be a concern.

I'm really looking forward to canning the birds, as I think that is a great way to go. A well sealed jar sitting on a shelf for more than a year acquires no freezer burn!
I don't see why you couldn't can the fried chicken, but I think you will need to add chicken broth so it heats through properly. Just make sure to leave enough headroom in the jar and wipe the rims really well with vinegar to make sure there is not anything on the rim.
You'll soon see how wonderful canned chicken is to have and be keeping it on hand all the time. Let us know how the fried turns out...

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