Cannot Keep Head Up

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10 Years
Oct 2, 2009
I have a 2 year Wyndotte hen with an eye injury and cannot keep her head up. She has runny poop and will not eat or drink. I have given her antibotic for 3 days and saline solution for her eye, but is not responding. The last time I took my chicken to the vet it was over $400, so

I Want To Be My Own Vet

Can you give any history on this bird? Tell us about this eye injury. What meds have been given? What other symptoms and how long have they lasted? When was she last wormed? The eye may or may not be related to her keeping her head down.
She's been given Teramycin for the last week, twice a day. She's also been given an ophthalmic antibiotic in her eye for a week, twice a day. She was perky until a few days ago, and was last wormed last month. She had a few other minor injuries which we applied neosporin to.

The last chicken we had that had a limp neck ended up dying, but she had a serious infection. Could the limp neck be a symptom of dehydration or fever? She's always been quite healthy until now.

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