Can't find Stall-Dri anywhere. Is there another product that's good?

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    I was searching through old messages last night trying to find tips on repelling flies in the coop and ran across a thread where several people mentioned Stall-Dri. Our TSC doesn't carry it and nobody else knows what I'm talking about around here. Is there something similar but under a different name? We tried this:

    but it just ends up stinking to high heavens. Our coop has a sand floor and I rake the poop out daily...yes, DAILY. It doesn't smell when you go in there so I don't know why we're having such a bad fly problem. There can be one small pile off poop with hundreds of flies surrounding it. [​IMG]

    BTW...we use DE. It does nothing to repel the flies.
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  2. BonnieJean

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    Apr 10, 2010
    Okay, so I posted something last week about two different products, Dry Stall and Stall Dry (I can't believe they have such similar names and uses, but completely different ingredients), wondering which was better for the same reason. A few people responded that they use Stall Dry, a mixture of clay and de (but not food grade??) and it works. Dry Stall is some kind of natural volcanic aggregate that is used in horse stalls as bedding or mixed in bedding to keep it dry (I read about it on here somewhere...) Anyway, I got both because I got free 2 pound sample bags of the Stall Dry and a 40 pound bag of the Dry Stall was only $15- and it's a half hour drive to the feed store. So far, I used the Stall Dry and it seems to be working, but I'm going to try the Dry Stall in a few more days. Maybe they carry that at your local feed store? If not, you can have a free sample sent there. Here's a link to the website- it's worth a try if it's free [​IMG] Good luck!
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    Sweet PDZ does the same thing as Stall Dri. Diatomaceous Earth (DE, food grade only!) also helps and that can also be put safely in the feed bags to kill any bugs that may get in.
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    There is another product called Sweet PDZ, I get it at Tractor Supply, but you probably could get it at the farmer's co-op also. I don't think it repels flies, but does keep down odor. You might get some of those fly traps or fly strips. I have also heard that hanging clear plastic bags with water in them (like zip lock bags) will scare off flies...don't know why but I know people who swear by them. Good luck!
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    SWEET PDZ IS THE BEST!!! I highly recommend! [​IMG]
  6. dparadise

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    Apr 16, 2010
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    So far I'm using Sweet PDZ and I like it. It's good to mix it in with whatever you're using for bedding, I only lightly mixed it in and after a rainstorm, it stunk and formed a glaze. Just make sure to mix it in well and there's no problems at all. Now that I'm more used to it, I love it!! Less flies, less odor and the smell of it when wet isn't so bad anymore. I'm still a rookie when it comes to caring for them but so far, so good. I still have all but 2 that I started with and those were Cornish X's(another long story)

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