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  1. chikenscratch

    chikenscratch Songster

    I have a Samsung Galaxy III and I can't log in (it keeps telling me "not valid") also, I can't log in on my Apple Macbook Pro either anymore. The only device that I am still logged in on is my work computer and I dread the day that I have to re-log in!
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  2. Nifty-Chicken

    Nifty-Chicken Administrator Staff Member

    I removed your email from your post... definitely a good idea not to post that on a public forum where spammers can grab it.

    Have you tried clearing your cache on those devices?
  3. chikenscratch

    chikenscratch Songster

    I did clear the history, cache, etc on my Mac and phone, but it didn't help. Since I can still log on at work, I've changed my email address and after that clears I'll try to reset the password.
  4. chikenscratch

    chikenscratch Songster

    I also have sent numerous requests through the "support" portal to submit issues, but I haven't received any response. Are you guys (aka the website) experiencing difficulties? I have tried approx. 8 times to reset my password and never received an email to change it. I also have sent in a request to have my email address changed so I can log in. I am afraid that I'm gonna evetually have to log out of my work computer and that I'll have to create a new account!
  5. chikenscratch

    chikenscratch Songster

    I fina lly figured out the problem. I had turned off many notifications!!!

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