cant stand up!!!!!!!

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  1. rebel yell

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    Jun 27, 2010
    i got a silkie chick that i hatched off today that cant stand up, he is eather on his side or on his back, i set him up & he keeps his head turned to on side & falls back over, like he cant controll his head & legs, anybody got an idea of whats going on? all the rest of them are fine.
  2. JosieChick

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    May 4, 2010
    Lyman, ME
    This sounds like what I just went through with a day old silkie chick. Search for wry neck on here and spraddle leg. We had great luck separating the chick, giving baby vitamins without iron and vitamin E and hand feeding/watering every few hours. I had some hand feeding formula for baby birds which mixes up to a nice liquid, very hard to make a soup that will fit out the end of a syringe with chick starter. I think the wry neck happened first and if they are really young the spraddle leg came second after the chick couldn't stand up for half a day. We taped the legs with a small band aid and used a sock for a few hours at a time to help the chick stay upright. Lots of chick physical therapy, gently rotating and elevating the neck and the chick is back to normal 3 days later!! Search on here for spraddle leg and wry neck and you will get tons of info! Don't give up, you will be amazed at how tough these little chicks can be, I thought our silkie was going to die and she is running around just like the rest of them!

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