capable of flight when?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by fzouk, Mar 29, 2009.

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    Jan 27, 2009
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    Hi again!

    I have silver spangled hamburgs- good fliers- and I was wondering when they will be able to fly. With the lid to the brooder on, the lamp at the lowest possible height leaves them slightly cold I think because they tend to stay under it. So I could remove the lid and lower the lamp but I'm worried about them starting to fly soon. They were 1 week old yesterday and already their wing feathers seem pretty developed!

    Thanks as always!

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    Hi Fzouk - all I can tell you is that my baby chicks could fly at 1 week old. Not very high - and it was more like a extended hop, but they could fly. We had a little makeshift roost with 3 levels to it in their brooder - and mine could fly up to the roosts very easily. Depending on how deep your brooder is, one could possibly fly out. Is there anyway you can only remove the brooder lid directly over the food/water/whatever-your-after area? Like sit it back on, but leave a small area exposed?

    ETA: At their young age, I suspect they wouldn't actually attempt to "escape" - if they do, it's probably because they accidentally flew up there. I had one escape at about a week and a half and it scared the chick as badly as it did me!
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    Off topic but where did you get your silver spangled hamburgs. We got a mystery chick from McMurray (in a 4 H order) that we are pretty sure is a silver span ham roo and would like to get him 2 little ladies. I just don't want to order 25 from McMurr. Wish I could find someone local w/them.
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    May 20, 2008
    Yeah, my little darlings were 'flying' at about a week old. We took the heavier lid off and put a screen/wire over the top. This allowed light in, but no flying out. For my older chicks we positioned the top so that light came in, but they didn't have enough space to fly out. And since they need less heat as they grow it has worked out fine.

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    You might try a higher wattage bulb.
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    I have two chicks right now and use a big tub and had half the top covered. The half open I have the light in, but still it has a bit of open space. I have a Silkie chick who is 4 weeks old, hops or jumps around but not really flying. The other is a two week old White Faced Black Spanish mix chick. At a week and a half I could her her jumping around in there. I went and looked and she was flying around in there. I watched and she actually was looking up cocking her head giving the opening a good look and flying up. The little sh*t was aiming for the opening. [​IMG] I ended up putting chicken wire over the opening and she hasn't done it since. Too smart for its own good. [​IMG]

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