cardboard bedding suppliers

Without success in this area of the country. Several suppliers but all on the east coast and I believe one in Colorado. Difficulty is having such a large quantity shipped. I was hoping Tractor Supply would perhaps carry it but not yet. Still searching. Again widely used in horse stalls etch with great success but not in our area.
Thank you for you response. Yeah I didn't have any luck with my search either. I will keep looking. If I find anything I will keep you posted!
I just contacted a company out of Florida, called Airlite. I spoke to a man named Joe who told me that there is enough demand in the Redmond WA area and he has a shipment that should be arriving soon. I am not certain of the exact location.

Anyone else who is located in the Tacoma or surronding area who wants to start using Cardboard bedding please reach out to the company. If there is a big enough demand for the product in the pierce county, Tacoma, WA area and someone would be willing to be a supplier, he would send out a shipment.
Phone: 855-884-9420.

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