Caring for Flocks, single hens or roosters, getting prepared for shows


9 Years
Jun 6, 2010
Hey everyone! I need advice/help
Ive always had chickens but just yesterday I got a gorgeous rooster! He is a mainly white sussex with some bluey blackish feathers! I would like to keep him in his condition and show him at the local show!
How do I take care of him (he is with other chickens too! no other roosters but 2 ducks so I probably have to feed them the same thing!) ?
What is it that will make him a good sussex rooster for the shows?
How do I wash him, groom him, clean him etc..??

All help will be very much appreciated
Congrats on stepping up and wanting to show your birds!
First and foremost check an APA standard book for the specs on your birds, you dont want it having yellow legs if the standard calls for slate color, and having a single comb when it should be rose, wrong feather color..etc..You dont want to go through all this work to find out your bird might be DQ.
As for prep there are tons of ways to do this and this is what works for me.
Depending on when your show is, NOW is the time to feed him what he needs, not sure if your feeding him duck feed or if the ducks are getting chicken feed. A few sunflower seeds in his feed is good for the feathers. I will feed scratch to gather their attention when cooped up.
As for washing I get 3 buckets of luke warm water, one with just water, one with shampoo(horse mane and tail i prefer), and then the last bucket to rinse with a bit of vinegar in it(this helps get those oils back). If the weather is nice i mean on the warmer side I will let the bird air dry on its own. If not towel dry, drying feathers in one direction towards the tail, then blow dry...I try to do this 3-4 days before a show, scrub their feet with the shampoo getting out all the dirt, trim their nails, and trim their beaks Once dry check feathers for any damage. Keep them off the ground if possible. If your show is coming up soon you might want to work on putting them in a cage and taking them out...Judges at the shows will be getting your bird out and checking its wings, head, feets, etc and if you have a bird that goes crazy being handled there is a chance feathers might get damaged in the process....Start handling your bird today get it use to you and others being around it.
Hope this helps...and GOOD LUCK!

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