Caring for Pekin Ducks in Cold Climates


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Sep 9, 2008
Our ducks are part of the Anchorage population. I would be interested in knowing what you and your husband decide to do for shelter, etc. for your ducks. Do you have Pekins or another variety? If anyone has any tips on Pekins (what kind of food you use, shelter, etc.) I would be very happy to hear it!


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Oct 18, 2007
New Berlin, WI
I live in Wisconsin, I have had my ducks for 3 years now. All you need is a water bowl that you are able to put a heater in, or underneither. Make sure the bowl is deep enough for them to dip their whole beak in. They will need an area they can go to get away from the wind, maybe some staw on the ground there. They love the snow. Mine would hardly go in to their house. I would end up changing the water twice a day. When the temps really dipped low I would leave them in their house. They arn't smart but they arn,t all that dumb either. If you have a little shelter for them they should be fine.
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May 7, 2007
Sterling, Alaska
Hi Duckie, We have 9 wild Mallards, 2 Rouen's, 2 Khaki Campbell's, and 1 Blue Suede.

I have 3 plans for the ducks this winter.
Plan A normal housing (old wire spool with hole cut out of center for them to climb inside, aluminum over top for a roof) and a store bought heated dog water dish (available over at AK mill and feed or pet food warehouse) to keep their water liquid.
Plan B normal housing (as above) insulated bucket with heat trace cables or roof deicing cables (available at lowes/home depot in different size lengths) inside and a small hole for them to access the water.
Plan C hide them in my wifes chicken coop when she's not looking. She keeps the coop up near 45-50 with heated water for the breeding flock. She has so many hens I doubt she'd notice a few more heads at the feed bin.

Edited to add we feed our ducks Ak Mill and Feed duck and goose maintenance.
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Feb 29, 2008
Barton City, MI
Quote:Could you put a piece of plywood in front? or a square straw bale?

I made a pool out of half a plastic barrel (longways) with a 300 watt submersible heater. They loved it. Thankfully, they only used it when the out door temps were higher than 15f.


May 7, 2008
Bergen, NY
Quote:What temp are you talking "when the temps really dipped low."?

It has been in the teens and single digits at night here. My ducks were shivering outside yesterday. We have accumulated about 3 feet of snow in as many days. My ducks have a duck house that I let them out of each morning. then they "swam" thru the snow to their lean to that butts up to the chicken run. I put some, not tons of, but some straw in there for them as well. Their feathers are stiff on the tips from ice... but I suppose they are doing well.

I don't want to keep them cooped up all day... their "bed" as I call it to them, is not huge... it is mostly for protection at night and shelter from the elements while they sleep.

I finally worked with all of the pictures today of the progress of building it.

Soon.. when I have time, I will post a thread of the building of my duck house. It's not near as fun as Gopher Boys.. but I tried to take good progressive pictures.


Nov 25, 2012
Hi my name is Monica and I live in NY but i recomend you to cut a few pieces of playwood and lay them down for easy removal inside cage or coop and add wood shavings for winter.


Sep 17, 2012
I too live in NY. I have an inside coop for my pekins with hay for flooring. It has a "doggy door" to their coop on the side of my garage, so they can go back and forth.
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