carton setting for turning eggs

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11 Years
Mar 18, 2008
st.john's mi
Hi some folks are talking about carton turning with the eggs what and how do you do this? and what type of carton just one from the grocery store small end down? any help would be appreciated
I have some hatching as we speak. I used styrofoam and cut the lids off. I suppose you could use the pulp ones as long as it did not interfere with your humidity. And yes the small end goes down. So far it is working terrific for me. They zip the top off and in no time at all they are out. And also the mess is a lot more controllable..
I'm just putting a block of wood under one end when I turn. Using paper carton and it'd working ok with the humidity so far. I think it makes things much easier.
how do you turn them just prop them up to the left and right with something is that enough and can they hatch ok in the carton I know somebody said it cuts down on the time the unit is open. So are you just turning them on a an angle if you prop the long side up about 25degrees or are you taking each egg out and turning it over I don't think that is right though since the big side needs to be up thanks.I have the small unit from tractor supply company that costs about 40dollars and 12 eggs coming tomorrow

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