Casualty.... no.... Where was she?.... well..... surprise!

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    After last night's storm, I heard the chickens near the woods but thought nothing of it. We went to lock them up at night and MamaSplash was missing! We looked ALL over. called her, sent the dog looking. No Splash. Decided the rumored area fox/coyote must have gotten her. Very sad. She was a good mama and was still keeping an eye on her 6-week-olds as they free ranged all over. She would roost at the window next to their coop,even though she didn't want to roost WITH them anymore.
    This morning, we keep everyone locked in the fences. No free ranging. Dad goes to buy a varmint rifle.
    Dad returns. There in the baby pen is Splash- all well and happy. WHERE WAS SHE????
    This evening we finally looked under the baby pen where they sometimes dustbathe. 15 brown eggs in a pile. I had wondered why I had found an egg inside that coop 2 weeks ago but none since.
    Retrieved the eggs and darn if tonight we didn't have to chase Splash out from under the baby coop again.
    I am wondering if she found it cooler to sit under the coop in these 90 degree temps. She must have felt secure!
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    My EE hen did that too, kicked the kids (mostly) to the curb, layed for two weeks and went broody again. She's in good shape (I spoil my broody girls) so I'm "letting" her sit on a dozen turkey eggs now.

    Sooooo glad your little momma is alive and well! [​IMG] Broody hens are the best.

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