Cat attack!

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    Jun 17, 2011
    My three chicks are about 8 weeks old. I have them in a their fenced in run during the day when I'm home. My cat got in and caused panic and some scrapes. I'm not sure if they are from the cat or just from the freak out against the fence etc. I can't really tell if there are punctures anywhere with all their feathers. What should I do? The scrapes I can see are on their noses...
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    Feb 5, 2009
    You may have to wait for them to calm down, but as soon as you can give each chick a really intense once-over so you can see where they're at. 8 week old chicks are quite big for a cat to be physically attacking, but it isn't impossible.

    If you're really worried about the scrapes, you can wipe them down gently and put some neosporin (without painkiller) on the cuts. You can also put a little bit of sugar or electrolytes in their water if they are still stressed about the attack.

    Hope all is well! Keep us posted!

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