Cat attack

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5 Years
Apr 26, 2014
Please help me...
My daughter took the babies out to play while I was napping. She had the ducks in the pool and the chicks weren't far away. But my cat was too quick for her. She said that the cat did not bite the chick but threw it in the air just once and then she scared the cat away and picked up the chick. It's neck is very limp most of the time, but sporadically it will tense up and it's head will go backwards. It's eyes aren't opening but it is breathing regularly. I can't seem to feel it's neck right because it is so small. What do any of you out there think might be wrong? Should I put it down? Is it suffering? Please help...
I don't know what to tell you except that I am so sorry your chick got hurt. Your chicks condition does not sound good..
I took a baby dove in to the vet that I found on the ground flopping around. Same like symptoms. He didn't find anything broken but guessed it had head trauma causing neurological issues. I don't know how to tell if they are suffering or trying to heal. I say do what you can to keep it warm and comfortable. It will need liquid and nutrition if it stands a chance. Good luck to you.
Is your chick okay? A lot of people don't realize that cats have a bacteria species in their saliva that can cause a rapid and often fatal infection in smaller birds if it enters broken skin. It is why songbirds that survive cat attacks often seem all right but then will perish a day later. People attribute it to stress but in reality it is often a systemic infection.

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