Cat attacked young jap quail...


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Oct 2, 2020
So, somehow one of my cats got to my young quails, and has attacked one of them...

The quail has heaps of surface wounds, and one or two deep ones. And it seems lively enough, but I don’t know of anything that would maybe help it or dull the pain a little.

And a question, can quails live with no legs, or half legs with prosthetics maybe? One of the deeper wounds are right where the spine and pelvis meet, and it doesn’t seem like it can feel it’s legs... but it’s been a few hours since it was attacked so.... Don’t know whether or not it’s legs’ll come good...

But I will have more answers like if it can feel it’s legs in the morning... Well, my morning. Is there anything I can feed it to make it more comfortable?

Pictures? A quail can not live without legs. I wouldn't worry about that just yet though. Focus on treating the wounds. Have you put anything on the wounds? Vetrycin is great to put on wounds if you have it.
I have put an antiseptic on it, but most of them aren’t deep at all, and barley bled. I will take some pictures now...
Unfortunately, the quail passed away during the night. I tried everything I could...

I would have updated this page earlier, but I am quite distraught and upset right now with everything going on in my life... And the quail dying didn’t help.

Thank you all for the help, thank you so much.

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