cat havings kitten - need help asap! *UPDATE PLEASE HELP AGAIN!*

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    Aug 2, 2010
    i am usually very good about spaying and neutering my animals but this time my young kitten snuck out on her first heat and got pregnant. today i thought she was acting strange and thought she was going to have them and sure enough she is in the corner of the garage in a cooler we put there with a towel and she has 2 kittens in there. its hard to see without getting close and i know cats dont like you to mess with thier babies or they will keep moving the litter to hide them. im worried about her though i wish i put her in a cage so i could watch her. what should i do? she looked like she was bigger than just two kittens but i have no idea. should i take them all out of there including her and lock them in a cage so i can keep an eye on her? im affraid she will have trouble since shes so young and small [​IMG] please give me any advice as to what i should do or watch for i have never had a cat have kittens! thanks!
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    Quote:Ok ive gone through this twice. You can and should move her somewhere safe and warm, and then bug her too much after that. give her food (kitten chow) and water, a blanket. Cats have been doing this since before we humans ever came in the picture.
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    Apr 11, 2010
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    don't interfere unless it's obvious there's something wrong [​IMG] like, if she's been having contractions for hours with nothin' happening. if she's already had 2, chances are she's doing fine, it just takes a little time. if you're concerned that something seems amiss, call a vet - they can answer your questions over the phone usually and don't charge unless you bring the kitty in, which hopefully you won't need to do. also, just in case you don't know, she'll go into heat again pretty soon after having the babies, so make sure she doesn't get back out. she can and will get pregnant again while she's still nursing these ones.
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    I would say leave her alone. My outdoor cat has had many kittens alone...the problems we run into are predators. Doubt that will be a prob in your house
    Id be down for getting her (my one cat) fixed but the cost is kinda high. Expec since there are so many barn cats here from drop offs
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    I've given several a bowl of kitten chow and one of water and let them do their thing. Never had a problem, and one of them birthed a monstrosity of a kitten along with a few live ones. You really don't want me to describe it; let's just say it was bigger than any of the live kittens.
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    Apr 20, 2011
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    Quote:maybe a failed twin?
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    Aug 2, 2010
    ok, the only reason i was wanting to move her was because i do have 2 other male cats, they are both neutered tho. i also have my dogs that stay loose around here but they are good with the cats but never had kittens. the cooler she is in is out of the dogs reach but it is on its side the the kittens could wander out. im sure mama keeps an eye on them but i didnt know if i should tip it up so they are confined so they wont wander and get cold or starve.. its hard to see how many are there and if they are all ok. i would rather leave them alone just wish i could see a bit better without touching.
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    You know...I'm bad about this, but if I were worried, I would definitely be putting mama cat and babies into a large cage with plenty of bedding and leave it in a darkened/warm area.
  9. Akane

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    Jun 15, 2008
    Kittens don't wander much when they are first born. We've had mother cats give birth on hay bales and it wasn't until the kittens opened their eyes that they started falling off the bales. So long as she is out of reach of other animals (other cats should be fine) and feels safe I'd leave her until she's done. Tomorrow I'd move her if you feel you have to but I would not stress her while she is having kittens. It can take several hours for them to give birth to all the kittens. Sometimes there's a half hour or so in between kittens. Unless she's been straining for hours or you see a stuck kitten I'd leave her alone.
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    Aug 2, 2010
    i went out to check and saw there were 5 kittens moving around then noticed one still in the sack so i grabbed it it was quite cold but i took it out of the sack and sucked the fluid from its nose and throat and have been rubbing it but nothing yet.... how liong would it take? the toungue is still pink so i hate to give up too soon.. please tell me what i should do i dont want to give up if theres still hope but i dont want to keep rubbing on it if its not alive [​IMG]

    also, one still has its umbilical cord with a sack hanging from it. can i clamp this off then cut it? its making it hard for it to move around and nurse, otherwise it is fine..
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