Cat stood on my keyboard and now the print is really tiny!


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Jul 7, 2007
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So Dodger the kitty likes to do drive bys while I'm on the laptop. Last night he hit some random combination of keys and all the print on my screen went to about half size. I think one of the keys was the Ctrl, but I don't know.
How do I make it all go back to normal. I have gone into hibernation mode and that didn't fix it. I haven't restarted the computer yet. Will that fix it? What combination of keys on a Dell will fix the print size?
Don't know about the keys, but if you right click on the desktop one of the tabs will have a selection of sizes. I get those drivebys too!

I'm sorry...

Yeah, i'd try to re-start it...and see what happens..
i have no clue... Silly kitty!
My 3-yr-old does this too
How can we grownups not be able to figure it out!?!
What I do is go up to the View tab on top of the screen, select Zoom, and select 100%. That should do it.
Dodger is a great cat, but he's too energetic for his own good. He is VERY dodgey! There is something about the keyboard that works like a cat magnet.
While I was laughing and reading that to my husband, he said, "Huh, CTRL 0 would work."

Got love being married to a computer guru.
So did he manage to hit Ctrl 0 as he madly scrambled across my keyboard trying to dodge my flailing hands? To be such a complete klutz he is mighty coordinated when in places he shouldn't be. And he has such a sweet little face too...
I was told about control and plus or minus sign to size up the page display.
Forget drive-bys, my cat slumps across the keyboard and slowly takes it over with his whole body and "casuallly" slaps his paw down.
Not to mention things like my avatar...

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