Cat traps are a great place to sleep at night!


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Jan 5, 2016
Hi I am 11 and live on the island Tasmania, I have fourteen chickens Wyndottes, Hyline Browns, a Blue leghorn, a sussex bantam and some unknown breeds. I went down to the chicken run recently to let all thirteen hens out and to check the trap. We are trying to catch whatever is stopping my girls from laying and distubing them at night. I checked the trap and had found the rebel in the chicken coop....................................................Fehda! Of course normal chickens sleep in traps, so I let her out which she yelled at me about! The truth is I had no idea how she got into the cage, so last night I put it closer to the corner of the coop and luckly she didn't sleep there last night. Here are all the current chickens I own!


This is Molly-Unknown breed


Truffle-Hyline Brown

Poppy-Sussex Bantam

Flinder- Wyndotte

sassafrace-Hyline Brown




Licquorice-Unknown breed

Daisy-unkown breed



I do not have photos on my computer of all my chickens
You have got gorgeous girls! Love your story, what a silly girl she is, right?
So happy you joined us all! You will find lots of good information and very nice people here too!
Thanks. I got the Wyndottes from a breeder and the hyline browns from a breeder. But I goth the other girls from these people off Gumtree which is a site were you can sell things! These people as we discovered after we bought them they were covered in scale mites, so much so they were at the worst stage of it. We quickly treated that, one who had scale mite Licquorice had a cable tie around her leg really tight and when we finally cut it off we found it was infected. It has luckly healed, we found a chicken in the flock who has broken her leg and it had not healed right so it is crooked. We found a chicken with bumble foot as well! Mum said it was lucky we got them so we could give them a great new home!
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