catawba coop miter cuts


9 Years
Feb 5, 2010
I bought the plans for the Catawba coop and I think I get the 60 degree / 30 degree cuts but I'm not positive. Isn't 60 and 30 just opposite of each other? He shows how to do the 60 degree cuts in the directions by putting the miter saw on 30... so then how to I get a 30 degree cut? Put it on the opposite 30 degrees? I'm so confused and it's the very first cut! lol.

Thanks for any advice. I've built things before, just nothing with angles.

Harker Heights, TX with three urban chicks that are almost ready to move out of our laundry room.
I'm not familiar with those plans, but when it comes to miters I always grab a couple scraps and cut them for verification if there is any question. Better to screw up a couple scraps than a piece you're going to need.
Thanks. Good idea. Especially for me. lol.. How funny you are the first to reply because I actually plan on using your coop as the basis for my permanent one in the Fall. Being in Central Texas I need something I can move around into the shade during the summer. I loved your idea for the dryer vents on the cupola. Very clever!

Yes, i take it that you are cutting roof trusses/rafters (whatever you call them). A straight cut is 90 degrees, so to to subtract 30 degrees leaves 60. reversely, you should drop it to 30 degrees for your 60 degree angle. They are subtracting from 90 degrees.
To get a 60 degree cut on my compound miter saw, I set it for 30 degrees, rotate the work on the table 90 degrees, and cut.
To get 30 degrees, I just set it to 30 degrees.
Ohhhh! I get it now. Thunking myself on the head. Doy. For 60 degrees, the saw is set at 30 but the lumber is coming down towards you at 90 degrees. For 30 degrees, the lumber is horizontal against the fence. He actually has a picture and all, but I just couldn't get it. One of those things that's right in front of your nose and you can't see it. lol.

Please keep us updated on your coop building. I am seriously considering building one of these as grow out housing for new pullets this spring after the brooder but before sending them in with the big girls. I'd love to know how it goes for you as well as how much your materials cost.
Good luck!
Will do. We've spent about $150 (not even I don't think) on wood and screws, but haven't purchased the hinges or wire yet.
Except for figuring out the miter cuts which look easy now it looks like it'll go pretty easy. The plans are very well written.

I'll try to take pics as I'm going and post them.


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