Catch Poop?

I have a smaller coop, 4X6 of floor space. I just use shavings/sawdust. I have seen posts with folks using a poop board under their roosts, some folks putting a laundry pan type of poop catcher. So it may depend on your preference, of that of the person cleaning the coop.
I've been thinking about this too. I think for me, a board would be easier. Then I can use a plastic putty knife type thing to scrape the poo into the compost bin. With containers, you have to be able to scrape inside them and I think flat boards would be easier. Maybe.
When we built our coops we put wire under the roosts and let the poop fall on the ground and every once inawhile I rake it out and it goes into the compost pile. They sure do poop a lot when roosting...
Here is one of the coops,
Run two supports under your roost- at least 8" below so they won't roost on it. Lay a piece of plywood on the supports. Lay plastic boot trays on the plywood. Viola! Poop board. Just slide the trays out, scrape, repeat.
I have tractor coops with small roosts. They are accessed by harvest doors. I will be installing some sheet metal pans from old ductwork for E-Z cleaning. Remember that you dont want slick things under the normal walk area, as it can cause leg problems. I built 2 tractor coops with 1/2 inch mesh in the commons area down the middle, so normal walking and functions drop the poo down below.
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I already have sheets of light plastic car floor liner on the floor of the shed. My husband is buying one more. So far, those have been very easy to pull out, rinse off, and put back in. I am thinking that there will be concentrated poo under the roost (assuming they don't like the shelf in the shed better?), and it might be easier to have something to catch the poo there. Thank you for all of the suggestions. We only have two birds so far, so I can mull over it for a bit.
Have you looked at different folks' dropping boards? They're nice because you don't even have to bend over to clean them off. Many have designed them to be easily removeable so they can be hosed off once a month or so (although most scrape them - into a droppings bucket - daily or 2x a week).
my roost is a 2 by 4. about 8 inches centered underneath is a 16 inch sheet of plywood ( I tried 12 inches at first, it wasn't wide enough. The roost/board is right in front of my clean out doors. I keep a kitty litter scoop and a plastic bowl in the coop, and in 45 second or less I can ( I only have 4 hens) I can scrape the board. they have access to the run 24/7, so I essentially have no poop on the coop floor!!

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