catching abandoned domestic ducks in STL


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Mar 14, 2016
Does anybody live in the st. Louis area that will be willing to help me catch these two abandoned domesticated ducks at Tower Grove park? I have called over 20 rescues and humane society and park security, no one would help. I have spent over 12 hours trying to catch them with cat food and all flock food and a net, they are terrified of humans and need to be cornered with the help of at least two other people. I know at least one of them is injured and both are not full grown yet. I will transport, take care of and give them a good home myself, I just need help catching them.
Or if anyone can give me any advice, that would help tremendously
There is a Where Am I Where Are You forum also - organized by location.

If you can get about 50 feet of plastic poultry fence, a couple of one inch four foot long dowels and some zip ties, you can make a handy temporary fence. Set it up in a C shape, and get behind the ducks - walk them into the fence. Have pet carriers handy.

Two or three other people can make this work well, I think - this is based on what I have read from Majestic Waterfowl.

If there is a waterbody involved, then someone needs to have waders or a kayak, depending on the depth. But the principle is - get behind them, walk them into the temp fencing. Having treats inside the temp fencing may help, also.

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