Catching-this should say it all... I have brown leghorns

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    Mar 8, 2010
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    those BL have turned most of the flock into cuckoo birds, penning up at night is a pain in the butt, I love my older girls they just hop right in when I say. I figured the babies would catch on but since I pen up a few hours before dark they choose to make it as hard as they can by running into the road and they're getting bolder by venturing away from the coop [​IMG] , they like to savor the cooler hours before dark.
    I haven't tried to see if they'd go in before it actually gets dark because one the foxes, two I don't want to be catching in the dark [​IMG]
    My babies are two nearly three months old now, I need a herding dog [​IMG] and treats don't work, they're too pre-occupied and just don't notice me.
    I can't wait until they're big girls, at least they'd be easier to catch.

    How do you all catch...your crazy ones?
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    Apr 14, 2010
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    I just corner them somewhere and then scoop them right up... But you can get catching nets although i wouldn't do it unless it was last resort. Those things look rough.
  3. Yeah....brown leghorns [​IMG]

    Good luck!!

    Seriously, it is a problem. Eventually they should follow your other girls in but they are so flighty. I do love their looks though. Have you tried throwing scratch into the coop where they can see it go it. Usually that will get all our girls in...even the couple of EE girls that like to stay out late!!
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    I never chase mine down. I bribe them into the run. They will go in at any time of the day. All I have to do is call them to get their attention and let them see the treat container. They will run over from anywhere on the property and follow me right to the run. I throw the treats into the run and close the door. They didn't do that in the beginning, especially if it was the middle of the day and they didn't want to get locked up. That was annoying! [​IMG]

    Try starting the treat training when they are already in the pen, like in the morning, before you let them out. Just give them a treat there. Give them a treat during the day, when they are out in the yard, without trying to lock them up. Give them a treat after they get locked up at night.

    Use the same treat container every time, so when they see it in your hand, they know they are going to get a treat. Use the same word, phrase or sound to call them for a treat every time, so when they hear it, they know they are going to get a treat.

    What are you using as a bribe? Is it something they really like? For most chickens, scratch works. When I had some really picky chickens that weren't impressed by scratch, I used hulled sunflower seeds that we bought in bulk. They would do anything for those! Lots of different things could be used, as long as it's something that the chickens really respond to, as a treat. Once they get trained, you may be able to use a less tasty treat, but it's good to use something irresistible in the beginning. It's like when you're training dogs. Some small meaty treat is going to be more effective than a piece of celery.

    Once they're trained, you don't even need the treat as a bribe, but I still give it to them, just to reinforce the behavior. Plus, I like to spoil them a little. They're such good girls.

    Good luck!
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    I treat trained my hens but they're all gentle birds and very submissive but in this year's batch I decided to get some leghorns...phew didn't know what I was getting myself into. Like oldtimegator said they're a problem but I too like their looks. I don't think I'd use a net, for now I'm herding, I have to look ridiculous out there.
    I actually might have found a solution, with holding water for about 30 minutes before I'm ready to pen up, they have all the feed they need all day long so nothing I give them is appealing. Water is essential and it won't hurt them to lose it for about 20 minutes, I'll give them a " here chick chick chick" call like I use with my hens, they should associate it with me giving them what they want. [​IMG]

    I'd really like to get them used to coming in when told because I've seen fox tracks right up near my barn along with huge dog tracks,hawks are bad when the weather is good, I'd hate to chase them down when I have to go somewhere too.
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