caught in the act- now I know which one is laying!


10 Years
Aug 12, 2009
Central MA
I caught her in the act today!!!
It was so cute! I went outside to put the bills in the mailbox and I heard our roo crow, so I peeked into the coop and I saw Betty in the nest box. So I run inside and tell Andrew, my 4 year old, to put his shoes on Ashlee was just waking up, so I popped her into the sling, grabbed the camera, and out we go.

Betty keeps turning and scratching in the nestbox.. The roo was crowing as if to encourage her.
and all the other chickens are coming up to me and Andrew.. So I ran inside to grab the half eaten waffle that Andrew doesn't want, and as soon as there were treats she laid the egg, then jumped down for her fair share!


Her first 3 eggs - friday, saturday, skipped sunday and today, compared w/ a store bought extra large.

Now if only the other 5 would figure out how to lay an egg.
CONGRATULATIONS! Very pretty girl + beautiful eggs- sooooo Eggciting! Aren't chickens the best addiction?
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