Cause of long gash?

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9 Years
Mar 30, 2014
Cavan, Ireland
Just brought my 5 month old pullet in to the vet with a long, deep gash. It's about 8 inches long, starts at her neck and goes under her left wing. I just discovered it last night when I picked her up, apparently it happened days ago but she was acting completely normal and I never noticed her wound. She is getting stitched up and is going to be on antibiotics.

I asked the vet what could have caused this and he said he had no idea. Just wondering if anyone has had something similar happen to one of their chickens and what caused it? I did not find a big pool of blood somewhere in the yard or anything, so I don't know where it happened. Any thoughts?


Sorry about your hen, glad she is going to be OK. Could she have tried to go through or gotten stuck in the fence or somewhere and gotten caught on a sharp piece of wire, sheet metal, or nail etc? Is the coop/run secure or could a predator have gotten hold of her (any feather loss?) Would be odd and extreme rooster damage but do you have a rooster? You might try posting a pictures and see if that helps somebody figure it out.
How deep was the gash? Pretty deep if stitches were needed. Im guessing she caught a nail or other hardware. Sometimes they hurt themselves or each other. But that long of a mark sounds like she simply got caught on something. Walk you're perimeter and run you're hand along all sides about the height of you're chickens. Whatever it is should be tweaked right away.
The vet said it wasn't something that could be caused by another chicken. I just walked around my yard & didn't really see anything that I think could have caused it other than maybe the tomato cages my brother in law put up? Our yard is pretty messy though, there could definitely be a nail sticking out somewhere that I missed. I will send my husband out when he gets home & see if he spots anything I missed, thanks!
Mystery solved! I heard the chickens making a screaming sound this morning and I went outside to find a hawk sitting on top of the run looking at them! The hawk must have gone after my chicken when they were free ranging and somehow she got away. Guess I better keep them in the run unless I am there to watch them.

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