Cayenne pepper

It's an "old home remedy" that some say works. It won't hurt them, anyway, they do not have receptors for capsaicin.
I have a few black cochin bantams that are finishing up their first molt. They haven't laid in about a month and a half and I was getting impatient so I mixed some cayenne in my hens' feed two days ago and so far... nothing.
All red pepper is going to do is make your eyes water, nose run, and make you sneeze when you rake the run. All the spilled pepper mixes with the dust in the run, and you'll be regretting you ever tried this foolish scheme.

That said, the chickens do seem to enjoy eating it, though I've never noticed any increase in eggs from it.
Another thing hot pepper will do is to deter rodents from eating the feed - birds , as stated have no receptors for registering the "heat" from a pepper but mammals do - we treat our seed in the bird feeders with it to help keep the squirrels out too
Got advice on here to give chickens cayenne if they are not laying, does anyone else do this?

I did this once and it worked. However, I think it was a coincidence. An interesting coincidence. Chickens usually have started their first yolk ripening 2-3 weeks before the first egg is laid. The yolk is smaller than a bb, then it starts growing until it is yolk sized and then it gets released and goes in the infundibulum (or some word like that) which is the top of the oviduct and starts being made into an egg with the white and shell being built around the yolk in the oviduct. So I think that it was a coincidence that I happened to give them cayenne about two weeks after a yolk started developing for the first time in that particular chicken.

I've been adding a smidge of cayenne to their feed for years for a bunch of different reasons. I still see mice holes in the feed once in a while so I guess I should be putting in more than a smidge!
It is winter in Michigan and for a few weeks I had been getting only 6 eggs per week from my 11 chickens. The man I purchase feed from said to put 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper in 1 gal of water. I did this daily and saw an increase in eggs after 10 days. On day 13 I got 7 eggs! This does work, but takes 1 - 2 weeks til you see an increase.
My babies love rice... So, I put the cayenne pepper in while it is steaming and they LOVE their rice more and seem to complain if l skip it!!! I will try the water too but not sure how it would taste with the apple cider vinegar!!! Maybe one water will have ACV and the other, the cayenne

I have 11 hens, 7 mos old and get 8 eggs a day, 9 eggs twice a week since using the CPepper

Thx for the tip!

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