Cayuga has a single feather growing out of her head...


7 Years
Apr 17, 2012
Far Northern California
This is my Cayuga Robyn. She is appears to be either top duck or second in command. She is the loudest, sassiest, bossiest duck in the entire flock of 14. She is odd though. She began growing a feather out the side her head around 3 weeks old I think? Now she is 7 weeks old and it shows no sign of dropping. Is this unusual?

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looks more like a feather that is out of place rather than randomly growing out of her head
It's been growing like this for 4 weeks. We joked and called her Donald Trump for a while. We thought for sure it would fall off or something but it hasn't and it's quite in there. Maybe she came from a crested batch and this is some weird defect?
Awww!! Either way...she's just a cutie!! Cayugas are one of my favorite. Our Cayuga, Olive, is definitely top duck in our group. Of course, she is the oldest & biggest since her sister met her demise. Our other two are just about a month and half at the most. I'm dying to get another little black feather baby though! Gorgeous flock you have indeed! <3

One of my Rouen boys has a similar head feather. He is from a crested batch. The other one I have has a correct crest, and this guy is just special.

My Magpie has a simar defect! It looks like 3 feather follicles grew together. At the base, there is a little mass that is movable & not fixed & it doesn't seem to cause any pain.

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