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    Oct 7, 2011
    I don't normally post negative reviews of items I buy or websites that I deal with, but in this poultry community, I thought I would go against my norm and post my experience with Cedar Creek Hatchery and possibly help someone avoid my frustration. I can't comment on the quality of their stock but I can comment on their customer service, or lack of, in my case.

    I placed an order from them in January for guinea keats and turkey poults, I thought they looked like a nice, family run business where I could buy both breeds at one place therefore reducing my shipping costs. On the website, it stated that they do not start filling their incubators until March. Now, I am new to guinea's and don't know too much, but was willing to be patient and learn. So long story short, after a couple of emails questioning hatch dates and trying to get more information, I finally get a curt email telling me that guinea's don't lay until late April, leaving a shipping date for both keats and poults for June. I don't want poults shipped to me in June and if CCH had posted on their site hatching information for guinea's or let me know in my initial email before I made my order seeking information, I would not have placed my order.

    My basic arguments against CCH are twofold; First, total lack of accurate information on their stock and hatch dates on their website and second, their total lack in communication, both the time it takes to get a reply (weeks) and the curt, abrupt answers.

    After a month after asking for a refund, I received a snotty response then my refund minus $25, as per their cancellation policy, but hey, I can use that as a credit towards any future purchase. Yeah, like I'm going to use them again.

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