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Make the long story short.

A few times the school sent out emails to me, called my hubby at work (thru "dispatcher") and finally called my father to come and pick up my sick daughter. Happened twice in a row. I was not at home to read the emails or the emails have been sent late about one or two hours later but dd is already home, resting. Hubby was mad because at his work place, no messages would be given or he didn't get it the next day which it was a royal pain in the tush.

Sooooooo, we decided to get cell phones, mine for texting with voice including but I am hearing impared and the LG Neon slide bar would work for me with the Qwerk keyboard. Got my selection of cell phone. Hubby will get the same thing and have texting and voice (he is not hearing impared but selective hearing LOL!). Neither one of us can figure out how to use it but we will be going back to AT^T dealer tonight and have them go thru the run thru of the hows and whats of cell phones and how to use it. Nervous, yes.

Okay a few questions that we have after we talked to the salesperson last night...really nice one and not pushy either. He is going to call one of the phone companies for hearing impaired the NCHH? I know it starts with an N and get more information about a special deaf discount. We don't want ANY internet, all the bells and whistles, just the text and voice calls. he gave us 1000 texts price of 19.95 or unlimited for 29.95 a month. We are not phone users that much or have long distance phone calls which we cancelled it on our landline and use the calling card for our long distance phone calls which we only have maybe two or three times a year if any.

Does it matter which minutes we can use? I know I would be texting mom or sis more than hubby. They are both locals. So if I wanted to call my sis in law, would I have to take the long distance charges or does it include the texting costs, regardless where I place the calls? Does the texting starts the minute you start typing or only when you are sending texts each time?

I don't like the contract part because of the unpredicatablity of hubby's job, it could be gone the next day or laid off so we don't want to pay for the contract with two year commitment on SS. Is it cheaper to buy out the contract all up front? Our price per month would be anywhere from $9.95 to 19.95 a month. I don't like to get any surprises in the mail for more than what we are quoted per month of using the phone....a flat rate for both phones per month would suffice and no surprises. The buyout contract would be $239 total for each phone (we will check if the contract would be just for one phone or both phones).

And the guy said we can put our DirectTV satellite in the package to make it cheaper. And we do not have to pay for the landline expenses when we transfer our phone number on our cell if we want to keep our home phone number and give us a better discount on the satellite, cell and internet (also on landline phone lines).

We have to move ahead with the new techinology but the sales person said sadly, the hearing impaired or deaf people using cell phones has not improved that much and he certainly understand my dilemma of using TTDs to call for doctor's phones and all that stuff.

We rather stick with AT&T, had it for years and never gave us problems except for that one glitch that they did resolve it. It was a spammer type of thing for a service we didn't ask for.

Can't you see we are newbies?
I'm not sure about the hearing impaired services, but I use a tracfone. I'm not a "phone" person..hate 'em..but gotta have one for work & emergencies! My flip phone costs $20...no contract...I text & call/receive calls...I spend about $100 a YEAR on minutes. I used to spend less, but now have a boss who calls me alot!
I don't like the buttons on the Tracphone and there are pockets of non reception areas...don't all cell phones created equally? Probably not.

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