chang the ordinance in Burton MI!!!!


5 Years
Apr 18, 2014
My name is Brooke. I'm from Burton MI. I have a family of 4 children which range from13 to
6 months. I live on 1/4 acre lot. I'm very passionate about trying to eat healthy, for my kids especially! My city ordinance sys I can't raise any chickens because I life on less than a 1/2 lot. I think that if you have the land and its big enough you should be able to use it as you like. ( if it had to do with improving your health, money, and education) my children are all on board an hope we can change peoples opinions an inform the that even if you only have a 1/4 you can be s little self sufficient!
What area? If you would like me to come to your meeting I will and I'll gladly stand up with you! The michigan right to farm act and constitution should be on your side also :)

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