change in behaviour in my ducks


Jul 11, 2016
Hi hoping someone might be able to help... We got 4 call ducks few months ago,all was good,they were loud and quacking away and when ever I'd go into the pen they'd run up close to see what food I'd brought them. Then one got sick ,think may of had an egg problem,not sure but she unfortunately died .Since then they are quiet and won't come near me ,this has been going on 5 weeks now. They wouldn't go in the pond for ages but seem to be ok with it now .We have 2 ducks and 1 drake left now. Had been hoping for a few ducklings .But we've not had any eggs apart from 1 the first week we got them. I read all the time about ducks being a bit more active and funny personalities etc, they were so funny to watch when we first got them and so receptive,I just can't figure out what's changed .Anyone have any ideas or thoughts I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
I can only make some guesses. Sad for your loss.

I would take a stool sample in, see if they have any parasites - check the feed for mold - set up a game camera see if anything has been creeping around the pen at night - offer some treats at regular intervals, and spend more time just being nearby (bring a book or something).

Are they getting layer feed? For eggs, the girls need plenty of calcium. Or, since there is a drake, some crushed oyster shell on the side, and breeder ration.
Hi thanks for reply Amiga. They are fed later pellets and I also give them lettuce leaves,cut up grapes and peppers and tomatoes .I have it set up so they can feed off the pellets when they want and then I go in with the extras once or twice a day. I'll try staying in there for a while each day and see if that helps them get used to me. I lock them away every night in their house so I know they're safe from the Fox! Thanks for your suggestions

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