Character Names for a Children's Fantasy Book

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    Recently I have had a interest in writing and I especially love the Eragon trilogy. But I am no good at thinking up unique and creative names.[​IMG] So I need some good names for dragons, people, unisus(pegasus and unicorn mix), horses, and other animals. Well right now we are using an old garage for a barn. It leaks but it's all we have... All the money I get from my book will go to make a barn so that our horse and goat are nice and dry. (The barn leaks) So please... HELP!!! I really want some more critters but our shed isn't big please help me get up my barn so that I can have a full fledged farm. [​IMG] PLEEEEASE???? The story is a medieval fantasy.
  2. Hmmm, I've never been to good at creating names, but here's a few. [​IMG]

    Dragon: Fire, Cozmo, Jaquin, Thunder, Lightning, Smoke, Drago, Draco, Warrior, Kaden or Jaden.

    People: Austin, Ryan, Lizzie, Kristy, Christian, Mitch.

    Unisus: Magic, Grace, Warrior, Destini, Felix, Thunder, or Lightning?

    Horses: Lightning, Thunder, Mac, Jaylen, Jo, Power, Jack.

    Good luck! [​IMG]


    P.S. I'll buy a book if it gets published. [​IMG]

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